Specialty Care

Often overlooked, there are many organizations serving the nations vulnerable and those with special care needs. This includes Behavioral Health, Addiction Treatment, MRDD, Adolescent and Youth, Hospice and more. When looking for solutions to their culinary and support services needs, they are regularly given “off the shelf” programs that don’t quite fit. We can tailor specific programs to align with your unique population and their care needs.


Culinary Services

We understand that individuals with different levels of care have complex dietary and nutrition requirements. Diets can play a critical role in physical and mental well-being and with comfort in the end of life. Studies demonstrate that nutrition can improve cognitive functioning, physical illnesses, and even lessen the severity of mental illnesses and/or their symptoms. Food can also provide comfort and solace for those in palliative care or hospice.

Our culinary team can create delicious meals that are “fresh prepared” and or “made from scratch” to enhance the quality of life and or care. We create multiple dining service options from room service to all day dining to align with the unique service requirements of your care population.

Environmental Services

Balancing cleanliness and cost are critical in a special care facility as reimbursement is often different than traditional acute care facilities. Often “hospital” or “sterile” levels of cleanliness are beyond what is required and are too expensive. At the same time, your patients, residents and staff are discerning in their desire for a well-maintained environment and their need for a program that protects them from “acquired infections”.

We have designed an environmental services program the has the right balance of visible and aseptic cleaning that is both evidenced-based and cost effective. We have created a customized solution to disinfect key care and public areas focused on critical touch points. We also focus resources on high profile areas to enhance the perception of clean. This creates the required balance of patient and resident satisfaction with infection prevention.

Facility Management

A safe, comfortable, quiet and well-maintained facility promotes and supports an environment of healing, calm and wellness for your patients and residents. The environment also serves to reduce fatigue on your staff. Our program is designed to keep buildings and infrastructure operating smoothly while maintaining regulatory compliance. In addition, our facility management program helps reduce cost and preserve capital. This allows your care givers to focus their time serving those in need.