Food & Nutrition Services

Patient dining, retail food service, and the integration of registered dietitians with the interdisciplinary care team are critical components of the overall patient experience.

Patient Dining and Room Service

We will implement high-end patient dining options including on-demand or room service dining which is shown to improve patient satisfaction, oral intake and physical outcomes.

Research shows that healthy food options in patient dining is associated with higher patient satisfaction.

Retail Dining

We serve appetizing and convenient meal choices and create relaxing, flexible environments for both staff and visitors to escape from the stress of their days. Research has shown that healthy food offering in the retail areas increase visitor and staff satisfaction.

From convenience markets to tailored food destinations, we design custom retail solutions that focus on health, wellness, variety and sustainability. Creating restaurant and market-style dining options is shown to increase retail dining revenue.

Environmental Services

Visible and aseptic cleaning are the foundation for patient satisfaction and infection prevention.

Professional EVS management is essential for the healing environment and infection prevention. A sparkling facility will increase patient satisfaction, improve associate engagement and elevate your brand.

An Infection Prevention-based EVS program will protect the lives of your patients, reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), reduce hospital readmissions and protect your reimbursement.

Your hospital’s image is paramount to satisfying patients, visitors and staff.  We focus critical service resources to clean patient care, sterile, high-profile and public areas which:

  • Drives HCAHPS scores
  • Improves clinical outcomes
  • Increases associate and staff engagement
  • Elevates your brand

The proven Forefront playbook is built on documented best practices, aligned with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. We rigorously train and certify associates on the most effective cleaning methods, mixed with hospitality training and service recovery scripting.

Processes That Reduce the Spread of Infections
  • Visibly and Aseptically Clean High-Touch Surfaces
  • Hand Hygiene Compliance and Training
  • Compliant QAPI Program with ATP Testing and Fluorescent Gel Marking    
  • Xenex® UV Disinfection Robot Technology
  • Dedicated Epidemiology and Infection Prevention Team
  • Best-in-Class Equipment/Supplies

Infection Prevention

Providing solutions to your comprehensive IP needs.

Our approach includes initial training, continuing education, resources to address emerging needs, science and evidence-based cleaning practices and disinfection protocols to reduce HAI’s, enhance resident safety, and help lower the cost of care.

  • IP Plan Development & Training
  • Xenex® UV Technology for Disinfection
  • Epidemiologist & IP Client Support Team

Facility Management

A comprehensive facility management program will provide a safe, comfortable and compliant environment while protecting your facility from escalating costs, service interruptions, and patient complaints. We provide:

  • Professional Management
  • Management Systems and Integrated Software
  • Preventative/Corrective/Predictive Maintenance
  • Regulatory Compliance and Accreditation Preparedness
  • Preservation of Capital

Laundry & Linen

Laundry and Linen Services…play a critical role in patient care, satisfaction and infection prevention.

The healthcare textile is the one common factor of every patient experience. Every patient will touch a sheet, towel, bed pad, washcloth, bedspread or blanket. Not every patient will have physical contact with a physician, nurse or other clinician. Healthcare textiles affect the patient experience, patient care and infection prevention. Our process provides for clean, soft and infection-free linen to enhance patient satisfaction and safety.